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The most practical training you can get is by and with the people you are trying to engage and persuade - your customers. Level up with a variety of buyer-led learning options, including self-paced online courses, cohort-based live online courses, and live face-to-face workshops.

New Featured Learning Path

The CISO Value Distillery

A Hands-On Value-Amplification and Creation Learning Path

Course Milestones to Master Value Creation and Amplification for CISOs

STEP 1: Essentials

A 2-hour, self-paced course for anyone who wants a foundational understanding of the CISO role and how to better connect with them. This course is a pre-requisite for the Methodology Cohort Program.

What is Essentials?

STEP 2: Methodology

A hands-on, 6-week value amplification and creation cohort course for sales professionals who want a step-by-step, measurable approach to value creation as it's understood by cybersecurity professionals.

What is Methodology?

STEP 3: Your Value. Distilled.

A 2-4 day in-person workshop for GTM and product teams that want CISO-led assessment of their products and processes, plus improvement-driven feedback to lower CAC and scale more predictably.

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By the end of this learning path, you'll have a core understanding of:

  • How to measure your maturity as a vendor using metrics that matter to your buyers

  • How to identify the right product capabilities and appropriate phases of the sales process that CISOs would value

  • How to gauge where a CISO is coming from—their operational style, context-specific responsibilities, and the maturity of their infosecurity program

  • How to use this new trove of information to find the best time, and the best way, to engage with the CISO, increasing conversion probability for the sales pipeline

  • How to deliver the right collateral and assistance as part of the pre-sales and post-sales process

How much does the CISO Value Distillery Learning Path cost?

Cybersecurity Industry


  • 1 x self-paced course
  • 2-hours
  • Digital Badge & Attestation of Completion
  • Interactive, members-only office hours and AMAs
  • Access to all course materials - for life.
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The CISO Value Distillery



Looking to learn as a team? No sweat. We do team rates, too.

  • 1 x live, 6-week cohort-based program
  • Digital Badge & Attestation of Completion
  • Interactive, members-only office hours and AMAs
  • Private Audience 1st Community
  • Access to all course materials - for life.

Cohort 1 Course Begins on April 4th

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The Value. Distilled.

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  • 1 x live workshop
  • 2-4 days; 8 hours/day
  • Access to all workshop learning materials and recordings - for life.
  • Monthly one-hour advisory calls with our CISO faculty to maintain progress
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