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"What Dani is doing is what marketers and security folks have been waiting for for a long time. Frankly, I was considering leaving marketing - at least cyber marketing because I don't believe in the way we've been executing things - but now that I get the chance to join Audience 1st's mission and share it, I have renewed interest in my job." 

Diana Polansky
Product Marketing Manager, Check Point Software

"I can't recommend this enough to my fellow cyber marketers and sales execs. I've been doing this a loooooong time and in my opinion nobody has ever uncovered the truth and provided practical nuggets the way Dani and her cyber practitioner friends do. Please subscribe. Or don't, and just let me learn from it and do better." 

Vicki Dean
Senior Strategic Sales Director, Supply Wisdom

"I leaped into this industry without realizing that marketing would be drastically different for Infosec. A month in, I was frazzled and afraid to take action. Audience 1st has helped me get my footing." 

Mary Peale
Head of Communications and Customer Success, Vonahi Security

"Dani Woolf and her Audience 1st have assisted me in getting in the right mindset when interacting with customers in this [cybersecurity] space and that content and relationship helps me evolve in being a better resource/advocate for customers." 

Justin Raisor
Regional Sales Manager, Vectra AI

"Dani Woolf is rapidly becoming the single source of truth walking database on marketing do's and dont's in cybersecurity." 

Allan Alford
Chief Information Security Officer, CTO, TrustMAPP

"Audience 1st is the ultimate litmus test between fluff and reality. You can take that to the bank." 

Michael Stephen Ruiz
Managing Director/Principal Cybersecurity Consultant

"This is very, very accurate. You did better here than any CISO report I have seen." 

Zlatko Hristov
Information Security, ThreatDefence

"LONG may this continue to be at the top of everyone's reading list in marketing and sales in infosec." 

Chris Roberts
CISO, Boom Supersonic

"Audience 1st by Dani Woolf is literally the first content series I've ever consumed that has made me hesitate to share it because there's competition in my network. It's that damn good." 

Clark Barron
Demand Generation Manager, Nisos

"I love your site Dani Woolf. I love the alternative sections even more. It's always nice to offer the "do this" instead of just shutting it all down and leaving people wondering. What a way to re-educate the industry!" 

Amber DeVilbiss
Strategic Security Advisor and Sales Engineer, GuidePoint Security

"Brilliant information for everyone. In fact, have it in front of your computer in a sticky note." 

Enrique Kalb
Vice President of Global Sales

"You're really helping to break the ice in the cybersecurity space. For so long, this space has been seen as cold, worrisome and a heartless field. What you’re doing is very valuable." 

Ilmaz Kashkooli
Co-Founder, Ideal Information

“Dani Woolf is making some kickass content that is much needed in marketing and cybersecurity! I’m a huge fan!” 

Maria Velasquez
Director of Demand Generation, NetSPI

"This is probably the first ever thing on internet I will subscribe for." 

Mobeen Khan
Security Engineer

"Urgently needed in our industry. Looking forward to your insights." 

Corey Munson
Vice President, PC Matic

"Really looking forward to this and what will probably be one of the more valuable companies in our industry helping all sides navigate." 

Everett Young
Co-Founder, Secberus

"OK. Let’s get one thing straight. Dani Woolf is AWESOME and she brings the truth! If you like the truth, she’s one to follow. If you like the alternate reality BS, continue as you are." 

Evan Francen
CEO, FRSecure

"Mandatory reading." 

Tim Savage
SVP of Sales, TypingDNA

"Your insights are out of this world!" 

Chris Cochran
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hacker Valley Media

"Marketing isn't listening to what potential buyers are looking for. I think you got it right with your approach, Dani. Respect!" 

Ferd Hagethorn
Director Security Services, Planit Testing

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