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Audience 1st Podcast
with Dani Woolf

Welcome to Audience 1st. A podcast for tech marketers looking to break out of the echo chamber to better understand their audience and turn them into loyal customers. Every week, Dani Woolf is having brutally honest conversations with busy tech buyers about what really motivates them, the things they hate that vendors do, and what you can do about it. You’ll get access to practical information on how to build authentic relationships with your audience, listen to and talk with your buyers, and apply real customer insights to your strategies and tactics. You owe it to the world to unmute your mic. Are you ready?

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WTF Did I Just Read? Tech Sales & Marketing Edition
with Dani Woolf & Chris Roberts

Dani Woolf, CEO of Audience 1st, Chris Roberts, Chief Strategist at Nuspire and CISO, and Maria Graham, Director of Sales at Nuspire, are flipping the script on the worst marketing & sales messages in cybersecurity - once and for all. They’re lifting the rug of the CISOs email inbox, picking one poor marketing or sales message, and tearing it down. More importantly, they’re building it back up to provide an alternative approach that does work. They believe in open lines of communication. So, they’re coming on live every week so you can ask questions, validate your message, or get advice on how to connect with security practitioners.

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