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Audience 1st Podcast

REAL talk. REAL information technology practitioners. REAL insights. REAL action. 

Every week, Dani Woolf has brutally honest conversations with busy tech buyers about what really motivates them, the things they hate that vendors do, and what you can do about it. Get access to practical information on how to build authentic relationships with your audience, listen to and talk with your buyers, and apply real customer insights to your strategies and tactics.

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Truly gets it.


"Dani is exactly the kind of people the marketing world needs. Every episode, every conversation, there are these lovely nuggets of gold that only come from experience and the strive to constantly grow. If you’re interested in excelling in B2B and infosec marketing, this is a must listen."

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Meet Your Host

Dani Woolf, Founder and CEO of Audience 1st

Dani Woolf has spent 15 years running digital marketing and demand generation departments for high-growth B2B technology startups. 

In 2018, she ventured into the cybersecurity space and discovered that the way marketing was executed in other verticals did not work for security practitioners.

She realized marketers “talked the talk” about customer research but didn’t actually do it, foregoing customer-led growth models, which burns through budget, stunts growth, and upsets buyers.

So, she created Audience 1st, an IT customer research podcast, to help customer-obsessed go-to-market teams in both growth-stage and established cybersecurity companies quickly and cost-effectively get access to true buyer insights, cut the guesswork, gain and retain loyal customers.

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What IT buyers are saying about Audience 1st Podcast


"OK. Let’s get one thing straight. Dani Woolf is AWESOME and she brings the truth! If you like the truth, she’s one to follow. If you like the alternate reality BS, continue as you are." 

Evan Francen

CEO, FRSecure


"Dani Woolf is rapidly becoming the single source of truth walking database on marketing do's and dont's in cybersecurity." 

Allan Alford

Chief Information Security Officer, CTO


"You're really helping to break the ice in the cybersecurity space. For so long, this space has been seen as cold, worrisome and a heartless field. What you’re doing is very valuable." 

Ilmaz Kashkooli

Co-Founder, Ideal Information


"Audience 1st is the ultimate litmus test between fluff and reality. You can take that to the bank." 

Michael Stephen Ruiz

Managing Director/Principal Cybersecurity Consultant


"This is very, very accurate. You did better here than any CISO report I have seen." 

Zlatko Hristov

Information Security, ThreatDefence


"LONG may this continue to be at the top of everyone's reading list in marketing and sales in infosec." 

Chris Roberts

Chief Information Security Officer, Researcher, Hacker

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