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About Audience 1st

Audience 1st is a modern customer research and growth strategy agency. We are on a mission to make it fast, easy, and cost-effective for go-to-market teams in cybersecurity firms to better understand their buyers so they can build authentic relationships, gain loyal customers, and scale growth efficiently, honestly, and with integrity.

Our Core Values


Exponential growth requires an initial, genuine desire to learn and understand your audience. We encourage you to make an inner shift to foster and strengthen your curiosity, empathy, likability, and trust - the core characteristics that allow you to establish initial connection and growth with your buyers.


We do not push for unwanted attention. We are constantly listening, learning, and wanting to understand and identify the challenges of cybersecurity buyers so that we can share that with you. Our end goal is to help you best create, demonstrate and deliver value for customers so you can become a long-term, trusted advisor.


Our goal is to help you move forward and up in your career. We are here to guide you to build your own arsenal of insights so you can prioritize and take better action in your day-to-day job and career. If the insights and knowledge we provide you are failing to live up to our purpose, we will work to make urgent changes.

Honest Connection

We want to help you build and establish authentic relationships with your buyers with systematic approaches. Our aim is to give you the confidence to approach your audience with the right mindset and context, so you and your teams are empowering your buyers to solve difficult, complex problems.

About Dani Woolf

Founder & CEO of Audience 1st

Dani Woolf has spent 13 years running digital marketing and demand generation departments for high-growth B2B technology startups. 

In 2018, she ventured into the cybersecurity industry and discovered that the way marketing was executed in other verticals did not work in the security space.

She realized marketers “talked the talk” about customer research but didn’t actually do it, foregoing customer-led growth models, which burns through budget, stunts growth, and upsets buyers.

So, she created Audience 1st, a modern customer research agency, to help customer-obsessed go-to-market teams in both growth-stage and established cybersecurity companies quickly and cost-effectively get access to true buyer insights, cut the guesswork, gain and retain loyal customers.

She is also the create and host of Audience 1st Podcast and WTF Did I Just Read? Tech Sales and Marketing Edition Podcast.

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Meet Our Advisors

Audience 1st advisors are on a mission to help you become a stronger go-to-market professional.

Dmitriy Sokolovskiy, CISSP, QTE

CISO & CSO, Avid Technologies

Chris Roberts

CISO, Boom Supersonic