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Make Better GTM Decisions with Cybersecurity Buyer Intelligence. Instantly.

The Cyber Brain is the trusted buyer intelligence platform for cybersecurity marketers and sales professionals. Access real evidence from qualitative, voice-of-the-customer data with intuitive AI search, flexible wiki functionality, and a customizable portal to win more customers.

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Curated for you. Verified by buyers. Packed with action.

The Cyber Brain, a growing ecosystem of qualitative customer research, distills buyer feedback into actionable topics so you don't have to. Integrate essential insights into your marketing and sales workflows, quickly and without the hefty analyst costs.

Create more targeted marketing strategies

Enhance marketing strategies by leveraging AI-driven insights to pinpoint buyers' needs, crafting messages that boost engagement and conversion rates.

Accelerate sales velocity and increase closed-won rates

Shorten sales cycles and improve win rates by using intel on how to better engage with security practitioners and create value for them long-term.

Get a competitive edge in the cybersecurity market

Arm your team with the knowledge to address buyer challenges, positioning your offerings more effectively against competitors.

Allocate marketing and sales resources more efficiently

Prioritize efforts and allocate budget more effectively, ensuring the highest potential for conversion and higher returns on investment.

Enhance customer engagement and increase retention

Foster relationships with security practitioners that lead to trust and loyalty, setting the stage for long-term customer engagement and retention.

Streamline sales and marketing alignment

Break down silos between teams by sharing access to a centralized pool of buyer insights, enabling a cohesive strategy that drives collective success.

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"This is the ultimate litmus test between fluff and reality. You can take that to the bank."

Michael Stephen Ruiz
Managing Director/Principal Cybersecurity Consultant

Focus Your Strategies with Pre-Built Buyer Insight Collections and Custom Libraries

Tailor your dashboard with insights relevant to your specific needs and objectives. Dive deeper into behavioral buyer data to understand and predict customer behavior, ensuring your marketing and sales efforts are precisely targeted and more likely to convert.

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Get Instant Insights for Quick and Effective Decision-Making with AI-Powered Search

Leverage intuitive AI search and flexible wiki functionality to quickly access the growing ecosystem of verified qualitative buyer evidence. Transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that resonate with cybersecurity buyers.

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Access Relevant Voice-of-the-Customer Data and Action Items in the Comfort of Your Everyday Workflow

Integrate The Cyber Brain directly into your existing workflow with our Chrome Extension and compatibility with Slack and Teams, effortlessly. Access critical buyer intelligence without leaving your workspace, maximizing your efficiency and saving valuable time.

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Level Up Your Skills by Collaborating with Your Peers in The Cyber Brain Community

Engage with The Cyber Brain community to refine and deepen your buyer insights. Comment on cards, share your experiences, and receive feedback from peers and experts, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances your understanding and application of buyer intelligence.

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All Features in The Cyber Brain

  • AI-powered search and recommendations
  • Flexible wiki functionality for custom insight libraries
  • Personalized dashboards based on search behavior
  • Weekly uploads with new insights and data
  • Verified insights¬†with¬†summaries and recommended actions
  • Community engagement and feedback loops
  • Library and list creation for saved insights
  • AI-powered suggestions and¬†translation in 50 languages
  • Chrome extension for direct browser access
  • Slack and Teams integration
  • Templates, tools and resources for continuous learning
  • Monthly updates from The Synapse newsletter

"This is very, very accurate. You did better here than any CISO report I have seen."

Zlatko Hristov
Information Security, ThreatDefence

The Cyber Brain empowers cybersecurity marketing and sales pros of all types

Lean Innovators

For individuals with limited resources and headcount, looking to leverage qualitative buyer insights to make informed decisions and strategies, quickly.

Rising Stars

For newcomers to cybersecurity looking to get up to speed and gain a competitive edge with accessible, comprehensive buyer intelligence.

Growth Accelerators

For teams dedicated to maturing their people, processes, and technologies, with buyer evidence and insights needed to scale growth, predictably.

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All The Insights You Need (and More) to Get Closest to Cybersecurity Buyers

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Discounted launch rates end on May 29, 2024.

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Each additional license to The Cyber Brain is $100/month/user (billed annually).

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