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Let a real CISO teach your sales and marketing teams how to:

Amplify and create value for chief information security officers

Go from buried in a CISO’s inbox to being a trusted partner they do business with

  • Understand what “value” means to security executives and how to deliver it at the right time.
  • Effectively communicate not just the security but the business value of your solution.
  • Translate product capabilities into cybersecurity progress for buyers—better than ever before.
  • Gauge where a CISO is coming from—their operational style, context-specific responsibilities, and the maturity of their infosecurity program.
  • Discover how your product positioning and messaging measure up to what a CISO actually values, based on metrics that matter to them.
  • Find the best time and the best way to engage with the CISO, increasing conversion profitability for the sales pipeline.

Learning path length: 22 hours

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There’s only a tiny window to show value to a CISO

Sales Teams Struggle

Sales processes are broken and sales teams feel trapped in the structure, struggling to show “value” in the tiny window of opportunity, while CISOs eat free steak (a.k.a. sales and marketing budget).

Lost Sales for Your Organization

CISOs Struggle

CISOs a tired of being targeted without consideration for what is actually their pain and have little time or patience for impersonal ”sales-y” pitches, shady tactics, and lack of listening.

Missing the Right Solutions for Their Job

The result?

Mutual burnout
Feeling ignored & under-appreciated
Lost time with our families
Lost trust in each other

Be the change cybersecurity buyers want and need

Instead of selling a solution, solve their problem

CISOs are bombarded with sales collateral and product pitches 24/7. Learn how to get their attention by addressing the challenges they’re facing today. Then, recommend and provide the correct offer to the appropriate buyer, at the right time.

Instead of buzzwords, speak the same language

Become familiar with relevant security frameworks and why they matter to security leaders and practitioners. Understand the “why” (not just the “what”) of information security programs to help CISOs package and translate them up into the board.

Instead of achievement, help maintain progress

A Chief Information Security Officer's number one objective is to make progress in their cybersecurity program. Become a trusted partner who understands progress under different contexts and helps them get from A to B.

Instead of solely tech savvy, show business savvy

Security executives are under more pressure than ever to prove the business value to key stakeholders in their organization—like the Board, CFO, and CEO. Successfully translate product capabilities into business outcomes for your buyers better than before.

Course Milestones to Master Value Creation for CISOs

STEP 1: Essentials

A 2-hour, self-paced course for anyone who wants a foundational understanding of the CISO role and how to better connect with them. This course is a pre-requisite for the Methodology Cohort Program.

What is Essentials?

STEP 2: Methodology

A hands-on, 6-week value amplification and creation cohort course for sales professionals who want a step-by-step, measurable approach to value creation as it's understood by cybersecurity professionals.

What is Methodology?

STEP 3: Your Value. Distilled.

A 2-4 day in-person workshop for GTM and product teams that want CISO-led assessment of their products and processes, plus improvement-driven feedback to lower CAC and scale more predictably.

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By the end of this learning path, you'll have a core understanding of:

  • How to measure your maturity as a vendor using metrics that matter to your buyers

  • How to identify the right product capabilities and appropriate phases of the sales process that CISOs would value

  • How to gauge where a CISO is coming from—their operational style, context-specific responsibilities, and the maturity of their infosecurity program

  • How to use this new trove of information to find the best time, and the best way, to engage with the CISO, increasing conversion probability for the sales pipeline

  • How to deliver the right collateral and assistance as part of the pre-sales and post-sales process

How much does the CISO Value Distillery Learning Path cost?

Cybersecurity Industry


  • 1 x self-paced course
  • 2-hours
  • Digital Badge & Attestation of Completion
  • Interactive, members-only office hours and AMAs
  • Access to all course materials - for life.
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The CISO Value Distillery



Looking to learn as a team? No sweat. We do team rates, too.

  • 1 x live, 6-week cohort-based program
  • Digital Badge & Attestation of Completion
  • Interactive, members-only office hours and AMAs
  • Private Audience 1st Community
  • Access to all course materials - for life.

Cohort 1 Course Begins on April 4th

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The Value. Distilled.

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  • 1 x live workshop
  • 2-4 days; 8 hours/day
  • Access to all workshop learning materials and recordings - for life.
  • Monthly one-hour advisory calls with our CISO faculty to maintain progress
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