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Why Community in Cybersecurity is Your Weapon to Long-Term Business Growth | Cecil Pineda

Peer to peer and community is so valuable in the cybersecurity industry.

Buyers cannot just rely on vendors to tell them their product is “the best thing since sliced bread.”

It’s best to ask for advice because buyers’ peers have experience with tools and openly share them.

That feedback and those stories helps drive them towards a POC.

Because a POC is so limited. Buyers cannot identify the value and problems in a short 30-60 day POC.

Rich insights from Cecil Pineda, SVP/CISO for a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company.

In this episode, I had a brutally honest conversation with Cecil about his challenges, goals, the value of community and peer to peer engagement, how to best leverage community as a vendor, what vendors do that piss him off, and the alternatives.

Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you and your go-to-market team:

1. Conduct a one-to-one interview with an existing or ideal customer and extract the most useful insights and recommendations for action.

2. Run a focus group with our CISO Panel to validate an idea, trend, message, service or product.

3. Plan and facilitate a customer advisory board (CAB) with your key customers to drive loyalty for your company's brand.

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