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"Audience 1st by Dani Woolf is literally the first content series I've ever consumed that has made me hesitate to share it because there's competition in my network. It's that damn good."

Clark Barron, Previous Demand Generation Manager, Nisos

"I can't recommend this enough to my fellow cyber marketers and sales execs. I've been doing this a loooooong time and in my opinion nobody has ever uncovered the truth and provided practical nuggets the way Dani and her cyber practitioner friends do. Please subscribe. Or don't, and just let me learn from it and do better."

Vicki Dean, Senior Strategic Sales Director, Supply Wisdom

"I leaped into this industry without realizing that marketing would be drastically different for Infosec. A month in, I was frazzled and afraid to take action. Audience 1st has helped me get my footing."

Mary Peale, Head of Communications and Customer Success, Vonahi Security

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"This is probably the first ever thing on internet I will subscribe for."

Mobeen Khan
Security Engineer

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