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Practical Public Speaking Tips That Improve Audience Engagement at Security Events | Kirsten Rourke

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Your CFP was approved and you’re about to give a public talk.

Before giving a getting on stage at a large (or small) event:

You've gotta get your entire talk that you want give people down to:

What is the core ride or die message?

That is your through-line in all of your stuff.

Everything must be connected to that.

And then do NOT embrace every single of your 40 talking points.

Find five.

And those five should matter to your person.

If you don't know if they'll matter to your person, you haven't done your research.

Brutally honest insights from Kirsten Rourke, founder of Rourke Training, Performance and Engagement Coaching for Speakers Who Love the Spotlight and Those Who Have to Survive It.

In this episode of Audience 1st Podcast I JUST dropped, Kirsten and I talk about:

Challenges executives face in public speaking, according to an expert perspective.

Top three universal skills or principles everyone should master, regardless of their profession.

The application of 'know your audience' concept when conveying technical or data-heavy information to a non-tech savvy audience, such as in board meetings.

Suggestions for professionals on how to keep their audience engaged during complex or technical presentations, such as in cybersecurity.

Strategies for introverted professionals, especially in fields like cybersecurity, to overcome the fear of public speaking.

The incorporation of body language and non-verbal communication to enhance public speaking abilities.

Common mistakes professionals make in public speaking and methods to avoid them.

Advice for individuals who regularly present complex data and analytics, such as marketing or cybersecurity professionals.

Closing thoughts and key takeaways for listeners, including marketers, salespeople, and cybersecurity professionals, to apply in their roles.

Information on how to contact or enroll in public speaking programs for those interested in advancing their skills.

Such critical insights unraveled in less than 45 minutes.

Interested in sponsoring an episode like this with your target buyer?

→ Reserve your sponsorship here. ($2,575)

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