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17 B2B Customer Research Truths No One Is Telling You About 

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Dani is kicking off this new season of Audience 1st Podcast with a 3-part series on the lessons learned from a year and a half of deep customer research in the cybersecurity field.

In this episode, we're diving into customer research mindset and methods that no one else in B2B marketing is really telling you about.

Dani emphasizes the importance of cognitive shifts required to phase into a customer-centric approach, continuous learning, and adapting strategies based on evolving customer needs.

The episode is rich with insights you aren't hearing from other B2B marketers on the most effective customer research practices and the importance of engaging directly with customers to gain deeper, more actionable insights.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Your strategies and tactics don’t need fixing quite yet - YOU might though.
  2. The reasons why you SHOULD talk to customers outweigh the reasons you DON’T.
  3. No one will tell you what you need to know - that’s on you. You are the accountable one.
  4. Don't let unrealistic goals and metrics impede your ability to get out there and talk to people.
  5. Being open to feedback and criticism is the key to success.
  6. Diversity of audiences and perspectives matter very much.
  7. There are several qualitative research methods that are super impactful - beyond 1-1 customer interviews.
  8. Budget should never be the barrier to doing the right things.
  9. You don’t need permission from your CMO or your boss to do customer research.
  10. Customer research is not the job of the product marketer alone. It's the responsibility of the entire organization. Every department plays a crucial role.
  11. You don’t need fancy tools to do customer research.
  12. Open-ended questions are your best friend.
  13. When someone doesn't answer your question or you don't feel satisfied with the depth of an answer, don't hesitate to ask again and probe deeper.
  14. The most underrated skill: active listening.
  15. Reading the room is important. Non-verbal language will yield phenomenal answers
  16. Your research is useless if it sits on the shelf and collects dust.
  17. Customer research is not one-and-done.

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