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2023 RSA Conference Messaging Analysis and Buyer Research Report

A Quantitative Examination of Buzzword Usage at the RSA Conference and Their Implications for Buyer Purchasing Behavior in the Cybersecurity Market

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Dani Woolf, CEO of Audience 1st, and George Kamide, Co-Founder and Host of Cybersecurity Podcast, Bare Knuckles and Brass Tacks, partnered in this study to articulate and examine any gaps that exist between how cybersecurity vendors market, position and message their products and services and the need, expectation and behavior of cybersecurity leaders when it comes to evaluating and purchasing new tools. Our hope is that with this information, solution and service providers can optimize messaging and event/conference execution to more successfully meet the needs, expectations, and buying decision criteria of security leaders.

When you read this report, you will discover:

  • Top Reported Cybersecurity Domains
  • Number of Times Buzzwords Were Used
  • Cybersecurity Buyer Preferences at Events
  • Expo Floor Experience: Buyers Vs. Vendors
  • % of Vendors that Used Buzzwords in Their Booth 
  • Types of Messaging That Do and Do Not Resonates with Cybersecurity Buyers
  • More Efficient Things to Do at RSA Conference 2024 That Will Resonate with Buyers
  • Bonus Recommendations for Buyers and Vendors to Pursue at Large, Public Security Events

Meet the Researchers

Dani Woolf

Dani Woolf is the Founder and CEO of Audience 1st. She has spent over 13 years running digital marketing and demand generation departments for high-growth B2B technology startups. 

In 2018, she ventured into the cybersecurity industry and discovered that the way marketing was executed in other verticals did not work in the security space. She realized marketers talked about customer research but didn’t actually do it, foregoing customer-led growth models, burning through budget, stunting growth, and upsetting buyers. 

So, she founded Audience 1st, a modern customer research agency, to help customer-obsessed go-to-market teams in growth-stage cybersecurity startups quickly and cost-effectively get access to true buyer insights, cut the guesswork, gain and retain loyal customers. She is also the host of the Podcasts, Audience 1st and WTF Did I Just Read? Tech Sales and Marketing Edition.

George Kamide

George Kamide is the co-founder and co-host of Bare Knuckles and Brass Tacks, a podcast dedicated to repairing the vendor-customer divide in cybersecurity, along with his co-host, George Al-Koura, a CISO.

 As an advocate for greater representation in information security, he also sits on the advisory board for Vision & Voice, a community dedicated to lifting women into cyber leadership positions.

He has appeared as a guest on Room for Growth and Security Confidential. As a disinformation researcher, he was called upon on multiple occasions to brief US Cyber Command and the Congressional Cyber Caucus on the mechanics of influence operations. He has also lectured at the university level in B2B marketing and cybersecurity.

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