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THE CISO Insights Summit Roadshow of 2023

Meet 6 CISOs to Validate Your Product, Sales Pitch, Marketing Messaging and More

For growth stage and scaleup cybersecurity marketing and sales teams.


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There’s only a tiny window to show value to a CISO

Security executives are too busy for a sales pitch or a demo unless it addresses their most pressing problem. And even then, cybersecurity product and services companies are overlooking how to understand the problem. The result?

Sales and marketing teams at your firm are resorting to guesswork, the status quo and strategies and tactics that are met with buyer hostility causing your team to struggle to get a seat at the table.

Only 47%

of B2B buyers believe vendors deliver on their promises


Only 3%

of CEOs spend time with their customers

(Harvard Business Review)

Only 31%

of B2B marketers are fully engaged with their customers


Which leaves you with:

  • A poor or unpredictable pipeline
  • Lost accounts and deals
  • Rising customer acquisition costs
  • Difficulty breaking through the market noise
  • A struggle to gain or maintain your competitive edge

If cybersecurity tech companies know precious little about their customers, how do they expect to grow and sustain business?

Old strategies just aren’t up to the challenge anymore. The only way forward is to lead with empathy and value.

But how?

Get the rare opportunity to affect change in your organization with a validation panel of C-Level buyers who have decision making power

The Audience 1st CISO Insights Summit Roadshow is a unique event designed to help solution and service providers meet customer needs, maintain progress, and scale growth. Participants have the rare opportunity to get in front of a curated CISO panel to access invaluable customer feedback to improve sales pitches, GTM messaging and strategy, and customer experience. Get firsthand validation and insights from information security leaders from a diverse set of expertise and industry verticals. You’ll walk away with evidence-based action items you can immediately apply to your product, marketing and sales strategies.

The Summit is not a speed dating event for vendors and buyers. The event aims to optimize your business sustainability and increase revenue through feedback and nurturing Relationship Capital among decision makers. This can lead to increased loyalty, repeat business, valuable insights, positive word-of-mouth among the security leader community, and referrals  – to create a sustainable competitive advantage and long-term success.

Download the Sponsorship Prospectus

Make each CISO conversation you have really count


Deep Discussion on Core Topics Relevant to Vendor and Buyer Business Improvement Per Event


Minutes of Cybersecurity Buyer Feedback and Networking Opportunity Per Panel


Curated, Active CISOs of Differing Expertise Domains from Global Business and Enterprises Per Panel



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Maximize REAL ROI around public cybersecurity events

The Audience 1st CISO Insights Summit is intentionally scheduled around major public security events throughout the United States so you can maximize the ROI of tradeshow investment too.

Sponsoring an Audience 1st CISO Insights Summit gives you:

Immediate access to no-fluff customer insights

This cybersecurity customer research summit is specifically designed to provide structured and actionable feedback. This means sponsors can get valuable insights on their products, services, sales pitches, messaging, positioning, and more from real buyers, helping them improve their organization and enhance their customers' experience.

Brand visibility and exposure to real decision makers.

Inclusion of sponsors’ brands in digital and onsite promotional materials ensure they will receive brand recognition to help drive awareness and engagement with our panels of CISOs.

Exceptionally exclusive networking opportunities

We bring together C-Level executives and cybersecurity practitioners from various businesses and enterprises. This presents an opportunity for sponsors to get quality time to practice their networking skills, share knowledge, and ultimately build interpersonal connections with peers in the industry in an intimate setting.

More ridiculously valuable reasons to sponsor and attend

  • Create strong advocates for your brand
  • Identify untapped sources of revenue
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Discover new revenue streams
  • Make better business decisions
  • Strengthen relationships with potential customers
  • Outpace your competitors
  • Gain a keen understanding of market conditions and how that impacts buying decisions
  • Test new messaging ideas and campaigns
  • Share learning of topics of mutual interest
  • Discuss customers’ strategic priorities
  • Achieve internal team alignment around specific strategies
  • Co-create with buyers and drive product innovation and adoption
  • And more!
Download the Sponsorship Prospectus


"WOW! This alone is worth the investment. This validated so much for me personally, and I cannot thank you enough."

- VP of Sales Operations and Marketing


How does each CISO Insights Summit work?


1. Meet with a curated panel of CISOs to validate any objective or challenge

Each panel is specifically curated by Audience 1st to include practicing C-Level executives in security who have buying power. CISOs range from small to large enterprises, globally, across different verticals and industries. Most importantly, all CISOs are part of the mission to help you affect change in your organization and the industry.

2. Get objective and subjective feedback from the CISO panel

The Audience 1st Customer Research Methodology employs objective inputs: as Return on investment (ROI), Cost of inaction (COI), Revenue and spend; and subjective inputs: motivations, perceptions, feelings, buying behaviors, and more

3. Receive assessed, distilled, and prioritized CISO insights after the panel

Audience 1st takes all feedback from each Summit and uses its Methodology to assess, analyze and produce prioritized recommendations on improvements to spnsors' products and GTM strategies tactics, and processes.

4. Optimize your organization and maintain progress by priority with CISOs

Audience 1st will follow up with the CISO panel to and keep them informed of any updates or changes to the sponsors' products, processes, or resources. In addition, Audience 1st will schedule and facilitate a 60-minute follow up call with one CISOs from the Panel after the Summit. *For Platinum sponsors only

2023 Audience 1st CISO Summit Roadshow Locations


Oahu, HI
October 1-6, 2023

During Horizon Cybersecurity Summit

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Grand Rapids, MI
September 28-29, 2023

During GrrCON

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Las Vegas, NV
August 9-13, 2023

During BlackHat and DefCon

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Anaheim, CA
June 13-14, 2023

During AWS re:Inforce

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National Harbor, MD
June 5, 2023

During Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

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